Grandpa North’s mission is to produce high-quality handmade decorative products and crafts in Bellingham, WA using resin and natural organic materials. Grandpa North will feature lighting including night lights, candles, and other assorted lights. Various products will be added to the product line featuring wood and resin. Various lights can be customized using color or various themes. Look for special groupings of products on the shop page to save money and to keep a common theme and color motif.

-Grandpa North



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Cordial Night Light


* LED Light – cool to the touch, no bulbs to replace. 100,000 hr. average life span, .03 watt energy consumption.

*LED benefits- 100 times longer life- 96% less energy, costs pennies to oporate.

* Photocell– comes on automatically in the dark.



Various products can be made with custom colors, themes, and your chosen content inside the resin. A night light can be customized for a boy’s bedroom, a girl’s bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or with Seahawk or your favorite sports team’s colors. Color choices are basic with no guarantee of exact color representation. On custom orders, pictures can be sent via email or text before shipping. Custom orders are not refundable. To custom order, please fill out custom form on shop page.

-Grandpa North

Made to Order


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